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These female characters are similar to the character of Wednesday Addams, who is portrayed in a fresh way in the new Netflix series.
Netflix's new series Wednesday drops on November 23rd, delivering a fresh interpretation of the iconic character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.
There have been several renditions of this family since the 1930s cartoon clips in The New Yorker. Since this time, Wednesday has been portrayed in a few different ways. However, many audiences know her best from the film franchise. She's known as a dreary gothic girl who is fascinated with death and has a dark personality. Though Wednesday is a unique character, these representations of female gothic characters that are similar to her common portrayal.
The Craft is one of the best witch movies according to many fans, capturing the dark nature often portrayed in these plots. Nancy Downs is one of the witches in the coven and eventually becomes the main antagonist of The Craft, using magic for dark deeds.
Wednesday certainly wouldn't be considered a villain, but she would likely approve of the dark nature of Nancy's decisions. Though Wednesday has a far calmer demeanor than Nancy, she also has a slightly unhinged personality which is similar to the witch.
Lydia Deetz is a somewhat forgotten aspect of her parents' life in Beetlejuice, which makes it easier for her to connect with the ghosts in her house and help them fend off the evil titular character. She's a unique character in the sense that she builds a stronger bond with the dead rather than the living.
Wednesday has a much drearier personality than Lydia, but they still have a similar persona. Not only do they like darker styles, but they have anti-social personalities and seem to prefer staying home alone to interacting with other people they can't relate to.
Buffy had consistently good villains throughout the series, including Drusilla, who was one of the darkest and most sadistic vampires in the franchise. She had a foreboding personality and was thrilled by the violence and death that she encouraged her followers to do.
While Wednesday certainly isn't a sadistic person that is shown being gleeful at the thought of murder, she has a dark personality. Wednesday often makes light or finds amusing acts of violence, which is similar to Drusilla's job of the same dark doings.
Allison is considered the "weirdo" of the group in The Breakfast Club, an '80s teen classic. Throughout the film, she is quiet and withdrawn most of the time, and struggles to connect with people emotionally. She also has a difficult home life which also contributes to her negative demeanor.
Wednesday doesn't have a difficult home life – she actually has parents that adore her even if she does some heinous things (especially to her brother). However, this Addams would also be considered "weird," along with the rest of her family, and also isn't quick to share her emotions or connect with others.
Janis Ian is portrayed as the typical "Goth Girl" in the teen flick Mean Girls. She enjoys art and has a punk-like demeanor. Her personality is quite bold and outspoken, and she isn't opposed to doing so questionable things if she thinks it's justifiable.
Wednesday also has a questionable moral compass. She's often seen in films being a woeful character that doesn't easily fit in with the "typical" people either in society or her family. Janis is alike this iconic character in the way she doesn't care to fit in and instead focuses on her own interests.
Mavis Dracula is one of the most likable characters in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. She's a vampire who lives with other monsters but doesn't feel like she quite fits in with those around her. Mavis is a kind-hearted monster who is curious about the world around her.
While Wednesday isn't portrayed in later adaptations as a kind-hearted person, the original sitcom series depicted her as far happier than other depictions. The Addams character that is more well-known to fans is also like Mavis, however, in the way she is curious about things and doesn't quite fit in.
Underworld is one of the best gothic action films to date. Selene, a vampire, is the main character in this franchise. Despite the passion the audience often sees in Selene, she has quite a stoic personality and rarely smiles or laughs.
While Wednesday isn't a vampire who has lived centuries, she has a very similar personality to Underworld's Selene. Both women do not openly share their emotions and have very serious personalities that don't leave much room for humor or merriment.
Sam Manson is one of the most entertaining characters in the Danny Phantom series. She's somewhat of a stereotypical gothic character at first glance, but she also has underlining desires and emotions that drive her friendship with Danny.
While Wednesday doesn't share her emotions openly, it's clear through her interesting comments and remarks that she has something to say. She's like Sam in the sense that she has some desires that might not be obvious, but are hinted at in her actions and subtle remarks.
Tiffany Valentine first appeared in the Child's Play franchise as a woman and was later killed by Chucky and transported into a doll. Tiffany is quite a sadistic character, like Chucky, but is more in touch with her emotions and life desires.
Wednesday shares a similar dark personality and sense of humor with Tiffany. Both of the characters have desires and emotions that are quirky and far darker than others. Additionally, the two of them don't care about other opinions on their darker side and are true to themselves.
Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a member of the X-Men that appears in the Deadpool franchise. She is portrayed as calm and often unemotional but is also a very snarky character that isn't afraid to throw out an insult when she finds it appropriate.
Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Wednesday Addams have a lot in common. They may come off as calm and unconcerned with others, but they also have a snarky side. Both of them don't hesitate to throw in a snarky comment, sharing their emotions and perception.
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