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Don’t blink because you might miss these fabulously short movies!
Has anybody noticed that movies these days seem to be getting longer and longer? Films like The Batman and No Time to Die clock in at almost three hours, and The Irishman and Avengers: Endgame pass the 180 minute mark. Now more than ever, audiences are having to control their bladders and feel their backsides go numb from sitting for so long.
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The truth is, these epic runtimes can be daunting for some, and not everyone can dedicate that much time to watching something. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of films under ninety minutes long that are just as entertaining. They are perfect if you feel like watching something short that won’t take up too much of your day. Sometimes the shorter, the better!
Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s iconic stop-motion classic clocks in at just an hour and sixteen minutes. The plot follows Jack Skellington, who grows tired of Halloween and discovers Christmas, leading him to kidnap Santa Claus and take the holiday into his own hands.
The film features some of the most stunning use of stop-motion seen in film, with kooky and wondrous production and character design. Despite its spooky exterior, it’s a heartwarming story filled with catchy tunes, and doubles as both a Halloween and Christmas must-watch.
The original Toy Story is just an hour and twenty-one minutes long. It’s the first time we meet Woody, Buzz and the gang, where loyal Woody is threatened by Buzz’s arrival, who is unaware that he is a toy and instead believes he is a real life space ranger.
Aside from the fact that Toy Story is so beloved thanks to its wonderful characters, clever humor, inspired storytelling and abundance of heart, it was also revolutionary for cinema. The film was the first full length computer animated movie, and the first film released by Pixar.
Forget the 2022 sequel, 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is where the real terror is at. In a lean and mean hour and twenty-three minutes, Leatherface and his cannibal family hunt down a group of unsuspecting friends for the first time.
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While there have been a whole parade of sequels, prequels and reboots, nothing tops the sheer dread, bloodiness and disturbing nature of this film. It was banned in several countries when first released, and to this day is considered one of the scariest movies of all time. Not for the faint of heart.
Once is an Irish modern day musical which follows a busker and immigrant, who meet and connect through songwriting and music, and fall in love. It will also be the most beautiful and heartwarming hour and twenty-six minutes of your life.
Despite being a scripted work of fiction, the film is shot like a home-video, low budget and grainy, which adds an authenticity to the story. The movie also features an incredible soundtrack of original songs, written and composed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, who are also the stars of the film.
Hayao Miyazaki is one of the greatest filmmakers and storytellers of our time, and there is no shortage of excellent films from Studio Ghibli. One that has particularly struck a chord with viewers over the years is My Neighbor Totoro, at an hour and twenty-six minutes.
Ghibli films tend to resonate with audiences due to their use of fantasy grounded in reality, which is displayed here when sisters Mei and Satsuki meet Totoro, and escape to his spiritual world while their mother is sick. It’s a sweet and heartfelt story with gorgeous animation.
Before the 2019 TV series of What We Do in the Shadows, there was the movie that started it all. Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s vampire mockumentary follows the lives of three fanged flatmates as they deal with mundane aspects of everyday life.
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The directors utilize their unique mockumentary format to offer audiences an hour and twenty-six minutes of satire, razor sharp humor, hilarious performances and all out chaos. The mix of horror and comedy and clash of time periods makes for a refreshingly original piece of cinema.
Audiences are most likely familiar with the 2021 US remake of The Guilty starring Jake Gyllenhaal, but the original Danish film from 2018 is ten times more intense and the version viewers should pay attention to.
Set completely in one location across an hour and twenty-five minutes, the film follows a police officer who receives an emergency call on duty, from a woman he soon realizes has been kidnaped. The movie’s tight and tense screenplay makes for an emotional roller coaster, and will have you on the edge of your seat.
The Lonely Island’s first feature film is an hour and twenty-eight minutes of laughs, ridiculousness, absurdity and funnily enough, heart. An underrated comedy gem from the 2000s, Andy Samberg plays Rod Kimble, a self-proclaimed stuntman who craves his horrible stepfather’s respect.
Rod prepares for the biggest stunt of his life in order to raise money for his stepfather’s surgery – jumping over fifteen school buses. Yep, it’s as crazy and over the top as it sounds. Samberg brings his signature comedy style to the role, and the film is an instant mood lifter.
Before his big break as Finn in Star Wars, John Boyega starred in a much lower budget sci-fi film – Attack the Block. The movie follows a gang of teens who fight to protect their block from an alien invasion, and is executive produced by Edgar Wright.
At an hour and twenty-eight minutes, it’s a refreshing genre blending piece, with witty British comedy and lots of thrills. Its style and fast pace makes for an incredibly exciting watch, and it has all the ingredients to become a potential cult classic in the future.
One of the greatest animated films of all time, as well as one of the greatest films of all time, The Lion King sits at just under ninety minutes long. Unless you’ve been living under a pride rock (sorry), you’d know the classic follows Simba, who must take his place as king after the death of his father, and is threatened by his Uncle Scar.
This timeless film has become a cultural staple over the years, thanks to its beautiful story and animation, lovable (and hateable) characters, emotional themes, and Hans Zimmer, Elton John and Tim Rice’s iconic score and songs.
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