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The world’s greatest places of 2022 have been revealed, and these are the most underrated players on the list.
As each year ends and a new year begins, Time magazine reveals its list of destinations that were among the world's greatest places of the year. Some are manmade sites of architectural marvels; others are extraordinary natural wonders that need protecting. From smart cities, thrilling adventure parks, and cities with remarkable art, culture, and food, to national parks, underwater reefs, and breathtaking vineyards, Time's list of "The World's Greatest Places Of 2022" has 50 extraordinary destinations for travelers to consider visiting in the new year. But if you were to narrow it down, here's a pick of ten spots on the list that are the most underrated of them all.
Known as the land of volcanoes, Kyushu is Japan's third-largest island, where several ancient sites of religious importance still stand. A mix of history, nature, and modern cities, the biggest attractions of Kyushu Island are its active volcanoes, ancient art forms, hot spring resorts — particularly in Beppu — and the island's wild natural beauty. But that's not all: In a country that's famous for its nuanced food, Kyushu is home to several regional cuisines and also happens to be the birthplace of hot tonkotsu ramen.
While cities across the world work towards implementing measures that make a city more walkable, the capital of Columbia has become one of the world's most bike-friendly cities. Cycling paths cover 360 kilometers of the city, making it one of the best ways to explore the vibrant Bogotá that is famous for its rich culinary traditions and pulsing music scene. In fact, nearly 120 kilometers of the city are prohibited for cars to enter on Sunday mornings when even more cyclists flood the streets.
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Scotland's sweeping natural beauty often takes travelers by surprise, which is a shame since the country's Isle of Skye, in particular, has been the filming location for several films, including Macbeth, Stardust, and Snow White and the Huntsman. The island's capital Portree is a sought-after seaside escape for locals, but its beauty is now attracting travelers from all over the globe. With coastal cliffs, ancient castles, whiskey distilleries, hiking trails that go through the island's natural wonders, lodges with unbeatable views, and fish and chip shops that are among the country's best, Portree's charm will be hard to leave behind.
Two and a half hours away from Prague by road is the village of Dolni, that's an excellent destination for thrill seekers. Dolni Morava is home to the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge — Sky Bridge 721 — that's nestled between mountains and sits 95 meters above a valley. There's also an excellent ski resort, a 3-kilometer-long alpine rollercoaster that wheezes through forests and mountainsides, cross-country ski tracks, a snow park, and plenty of spa resorts at Dolni Morava!
Quickly making a name for itself in the world of adventure sports destinations is the Arab city of Ras Al Khaimah. While the city plans to add more sports to its existing roaster, there are plenty of sports that currently attract adventure seekers to Ras Al Khaimah: the world's longest zipline over that cascades through speeds of 120 kmph and 150 kmph, the two-hour-long Jais Sky Tour that's made of six zipline networks flying over the Jebel Jais mountain peak, a toboggan slide that stretches for 1,840 meters, and hot-air balloons that take passengers up in the sky to watch the sun rise over the desert.
Italy as a whole is a destination that's far from underrated, thanks to its reputation for being one of the best culinary and art destinations in the world. But most visitors overlook Calabria's many natural and culinary treasures that can be explored through the famous Calabria Coast to Coast Trail. Stretching from the white beaches of Soverato to the picturesque town of Pizzo, the Calabria Coast to Coast Trail is safe to trek through without a guide. The 55-kilometer-stretch trail takes visitors through stunning mountainous terrains, hidden sites of cultural and historical significance, breathtaking coastal landscapes, and small towns specializing in exquisite local foods.
Translating to the French corner in French, Franschhoek is a small village built on the land granted to Huguenot refugees fleeing from persecution in the 17th century. Due to its French influence, Franschhoek is where some of South Africa's finest vineyards reside. Dubbed the Valley of Vines, Franschhoek's wine tourism is a dream for oenophiles looking to venture beyond Europe's famous vineyards. In fact, the village's go-to means of public transport is a vehicle that's a mix of a tram and a bus known as the wine tram. The hop-on hop-off tram is made up of eight different lines, each of which goes through a selection of different wine estates for visitors to sip their way through Franschhoek.
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Up until a few years ago, the Arctic was a region meant for scientists and maritime researchers, which was pretty much too extreme and inaccessible to normal folks. In recent times, however, the Arctic has opened itself to tourism and cruising in particular. A relatively new part of the world for most to traverse to, the Arctic can now be explored on icebreaker cruise ships and small expedition ships that push through the ice and dock at certain spots for travelers to go kayaking, swimming, snow-trekking, and dog sledding in the wilderness.
The city of Kerala on the southwestern tip of India has always been well-known for its blissful backwaters, which is perhaps why it's also been called god's own country and heaven on earth. With an abundance of ancient temples surrounded by lush greenery and waterbodies, however, Kerala is also earning a reputation for being a sublime wellness getaway for Ayurvedic retreats. With the city's plan to steamroll motor-home tourism in the near future — one of the first cities in the country to do so — with existing houseboat cruising, Kerala's scenic beauty will only become more accessible to travelers.
The Trans Bhutan Trail, which connects Haa in the west to Trashigang in the east of Bhutan, has been used since the 16th century by Buddhist pilgrims to travel between temples, by tradesmen to exchange goods, and by foot, runners to deliver messages of importance between the country's many fortresses. After 60 years of being closed, the Trans Bhutan Trail was restored and reopened to the public once again in 2022. Visitors can now slowly work their way through the 403-kilometer-long trail stopping at all of the museums, forts, monasteries, and breathtaking spots in the nine districts that the trail covers along the way.


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