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7 travel mistakes to avoid in 2023 – The Washington Post

Sign inNancy Aronson is already thinking about traveling in 2023. She and her husband, Jules, have their sights on a Danube River cruise in April, with stops in Passau, Germany, along with Vienna and Budapest to see the spring blossoms.“We may meet up with relatives,” says Aronson, a retired manager …

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NME's films of the year 2018 – NME

It’s been a great year for movie lovers. We’ve seen a lot of truly brilliant debuts, from startling new filmmaking voices like Greta Gerwig and Boots Riley. We’ve seen the overly saturated superhero genre find new energy and invention. We’ve had terrifying horrors and classic comedies. There have been so …

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The Stealthy Rise of White Wine – Wine-Searcher

For many years, white wine was seen by many as – Burgundy lovers, avert your eyes – kinda wimpy.During these benighted times white wine was broadly relegated to the pink-ladies-who-lunch-on-poached-salmon ghetto. At best, white wine was viewed by those less-informed souls as a kind of warmup before it was time …

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