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No big Netflix movies are coming out this weekend, but Netflix has added some older films and at least one newer documentary to its catalog for subscribers to check out. Here are the best Netflix movies to watch (and some you can skip) the weekend of Jan. 20-22.
Whether you’re in the mood to watch a quirky documentary about a fabled Pez dispenser collector or revisit an old romantic comedy starring Amy Adams, there are plenty of great options to watch on Netflix this weekend. Plan a weekend night in with one of these great Netflix movies!
Watch! For anyone who likes documentaries but wants a break from tragic tales of murder, The Pez Outlaw is worth watching. This acclaimed 2022 doc follows the stranger-than-fiction story of Pez collector Steve Glew. Smuggling rare Pez collectors into the United States and making millions in the process, Glew draws the ire of fellow collectors and more.
Skip! Sarah Hyland stars in this romantic comedy about a commitment-phobe who is put to the test when she and her boyfriend attend seven different weddings in one year. This isn’t the worst movie out there, but there are better rom-coms available on Netflix.
Watch! Added to Netflix just this past week, The Devil to Pay is an indie thriller from 2019 starring Till‘s breakout actress Danielle Deadwyler. If you’re in the mood for a taut thriller with an excellent leading performance from Deadwyler, this is a great choice for a weekend movie night. Deadwyler plays a struggling mom Lemon Cassidy who must go to extremes to save her son from a family’s cruel matriarch.
Skip! Trolls is a fun and vibrant musical movie great for keeping the kids entertained, but considering it was released in 2016, there is a good chance you’re totally burnt out on this one. Luckily, there are two popular kids’ animated films in the Top 10 right now, this film and Sing 2. I’d pick Sing 2. The music is better.
Watch! You know how I mentioned that there are better rom-coms on Netflix? Leap Year is one of them. You can’t go wrong with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. While the film didn’t get great critical reviews, it’s still a sweet movie that will make you long for spring.
Which Netflix movies featured on this list are you most excited to watch this weekend?
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