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Photo: Nik Owens | Unsplash
The annual ranking of the world’s top 50 pizza restaurants – 50 Top Pizza – is out, and the number one spot is shared by two pizzerias, one in Caserta, Francesco Martucci’s I Masanielli and the other in New York,  Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana Third place went to Giuseppe Cutraro’s Peppe Pizzeria in Paris.
The best pizza in Italy is also, naturally, the best pizza in the world according to the 30 Top Pizza list – I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci. The Naples-based restaurant has established itself as a world-famous pizzeria, where people come from far and wide to pay homage to the city’s greatest culinary invention.
“The menu tells of a research on state-of-the-art doughs, precise cooking, and interesting combinations of high-quality raw materials that speak of the experimentation of a classy cuisine at the service of a pizza that remains the absolute protagonist of the table,” says the 50 Top Pizza website.
“All the growth of the proposal can be appreciated in the tasting menu, a Pindaric flight suspended between the elegance of flavours and the concreteness of the territory that Francesco Martucci combines with masterful balance.”
Sharing the top place on the list is a New York pizzeria, where chef Anthony Mangieri flies the flag for Neapolitan pizza with a dedication to the thick-crust tradition of leavening and the selection of high-quality ingredients. Una Pizza Napolitana, is a little slice of Naples in New York.
In third place is Peppe Cutraro’s Paris-based Peppe Pizzeria, where you can find the best of Italian pizza in a cool, relaxed environment.
“Do not miss the unique taste of the montanare: the fried pizzas typical of the Neapolitan street food; also to try is the pizza with mortadella and pistachio or the one with truffle and hazelnuts,” reads the description from Top 50 Pizza. “The simpler pizza Margherita, too, brings joy at first sight: large and fragrant, it shows off the colours of the sun and the scent of summer.”
Back to Naples then, with fourth and fifth places – 50 Kalò and 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria respectively.
See the full list of Top 50 Pizza 2022 below:
1 I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci (Naples)
1 Una Pizza Napoletana (New York)
3 Peppe Pizzeria (Paris)
4 50 Kalò (Naples)
5 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria (Naples)
6 I Tigli (San Bonifacio, Italy)
7 Francesco & Salvatore Salvo (Naples)
8 Seu Pizza Illuminati (Rome)
9 La Notizia 94 (Naples)
10 Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco)
11 Ribalta NYC (New York)
12 Fratelli Figurato (Madrid)
13 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar (Melbourne)
14 Bottega (Beijing)
15 50 Kalò London (London)
16 The Pizza Bar on 38th (Tokyo)
17 180g Pizzeria Romana (Rome)
18 Dry Milano (milan)
19 Cambia-Menti di Ciccio Vitiello (Caserta, Italy)
20 Bæst (Copenhagen)
21 Sartoria Panatieri (BArcelona)
22 I Masanielli – Sasà Martucci (Caserta, Italy)
23 Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” (Tokyo)
24 Le Grotticelle (Caggiano, Italy)
25 Qvinto (Rome)
26 Pepe in Grani (Caiazzo)
27 Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City, USA)
28 ‘O Munaciello (Miami)
29 Carlo Sammarco Pizzeria 2.0 (Frattomaggiore, Italy)
30 Spacca Napoli Pizzeria (Chicago)
31 Song’ E Napule (New York)
32 Via Toledo Enopizzeria (Vienna)
33 ‘O Scugnizzo (Arezzo, Italy)
34 Pizza Zulù (Furth, Germany)
35 La Piola Pizza (Brussels) 
36 La Leggenda Pizzeria (Miami)
37 Pizzana (LA)
38 Crosta (Milan)
39 Kesté Fulton (New York) 
40 Pupillo Pura Pizza (Frosinione, Italy)
41 Apogeo (Pietrasanta, Italy)
42 La Cascina dei Sapori (Rezzato, Italy)
43 Peppina (Bangkok) 
44 Patrick Ricci – Terra, Grani, Esplorazioni (San Mauro Torinese)
45 Pizza Massilia (Bangkok)
46 Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco (Templo Pausania)
47 400 Gradi (Lecce, Italy)
48 Denis (Milan) 
49 Pizzeria Da Lioniello (Succivo)
50 Ti Amo (Buenos Aires)
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