6 tips to enjoy sugar in healthy style this Christmas

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With the excitement of the Christmas season, the delicious traditional recipes of the season also arrive.where sugar is usually the protagonist.

For many, who decide to have a healthy lifestyle, this becomes a real challenge. While those who fall into temptation often fall into feelings of guilt.

However, for Dr. Cristina Bazo, despite the beliefs of recent decades, sugar should not be associated with negative issues, since its balanced consumption It does not imply health risks.

The specialist recalled that the presence of sugar in many recipes has important sensory functions by improving their appearance, texture and flavor. It is an essential natural ingredient for preparing Christmas pastries, for example.

Bazo listed the following recommendations to enjoy sugar at this time and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle:

  • Include all food groups, especially fruits, vegetables, proteins and high-fiber carbohydrates to add satiety to your plates. It is not necessary to exclude any food groups.
  • Do not exceed the recommendation in the consumption of sugar, fats and salts.
  • Enjoy food, staying connected to your feelings of appetite/satiety so that you can take care of the amounts you consume.
  • It is not necessary or recommended that you compensate or restrict foods before or after any Christmas meal.
  • Physical activity is a tool that should not be forgotten during these vacation times, as it allows you to metabolize food optimally, keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  • Take advantage of the season to prepare homemade recipes for snacks and light desserts.

Of course, the doctor explained that it is essential to personalize these tips according to individual needs, Therefore, the main recommendation is medical consultation.

“We must prioritize health in our dietary decisions. It is essential to remember that many people, in their search for weight loss, or with the idea of ​​’compensating’ for some excesses, tend to unnecessary extremes in their diet, where they also stop enjoying the process of nourishing our body. The key to a healthy, happy and sustainable life lies in a balanced and conscious consumption of the different food groups that exist,” he commented.

Bazo pointed out that the key is in a balanced consumption, both in festive times and in everyday life.

“This Christmas and the end of the year, enjoy sugar in a balanced way, a natural food that is beneficial for health. Avoid falling into excesses and do not restrict yourself excessively,” he concluded.

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