A 26-year-old Spaniard who had enlisted to fight the Russian invasion dies in Ukraine


The deceased was called Pau and he moved to Ukraine in 2022 to support the army against the Russian forces

Destruction after a Russian bombing in kyiv.EFE
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A young Catalan of 26 years has died in Ukraine while fighting with the group of 12 Spanish volunteers who joined the Foreign Legion of the Ukrainian Army, according to ‘ABC’ and sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have confirmed to Europa Press.

The family of the deceased has already been informed and the body will be repatriated, according to diplomatic sources. The deceased was called Pau and was part of this group that in May 2022 moved to Ukraine to support the Ukrainian army against the Russian forces.

Pau traveled to the border between Poland and Ukraine and from there he went with other mercenaries to a military training camp near Lepolis to enlist as a volunteer. along with 11 other Spaniardsin the fight for the Ukrainian cause.

In June 2022, another Spanish volunteer fighter, from Mallorca, who had traveled to Ukraine to participate in the war, also lost his life.

Also the director of the NGO Road to Relief, Emma Samedied on September 10 when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit by a Russian projectile near Chasiv Yar, in the Donetsk region, in eastern Ukraine.

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