A 62-year-old woman seriously injured after being stabbed in her home during a neighborhood brawl


A 62 year old Romanian woman was seriously injured this Tuesday after receiving a stab in the abdomen at his home on 5 Mara Martínez Street, in the Madrid district of Carabanchel. She has been stabbed with a ham knife by a former tenant, 67 years old, with whom she had problems. The alleged aggressor, of Spanish nationality, has been arrested in the same building after being detained in the doorway by a neighbor.

Samur-Proteccin health workers have traveled to the scene and treated the woman at her home, ground floor B of the building. Once stabilized, she has been transferred with serious prognosis to Hospital 12 de Octubre, according to Madrid Emergencies.

The National Police, which has opened an investigation to clarify the facts, has The neighbor responsible for the attack was immediately arrested.

According to the first investigations, both of them argued and the man took out a ham knife and stabbed the woman. The agents have seized the knife with which the stabbing was supposedly committed.

The neighbors have explained to Telemadrid that the perpetrator of the attack no longer lives in the building and that it is suspected that the detainee could have resided in the home of the woman, who rented rooms in the house. In fact, residents claim that they have heard the aggressor shout: “Give me what you owe me, give me what you owe me” and that she asked for help saying: “He wants to kill me, he wants to kill me.”

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