A cockroach crawled on Julieta Poggio’s dress and the video went viral

A cockroach crawled on her dress Juliet Poggio during his participation in the first program of the new season of Big Brother (Telefe) and the video of the moment went viral.

Juli was in charge of welcoming the new participants of the popular reality show and accompanying them to enter the house.

At the time when the former participant was interviewing the participant Isabel Denegri, the cockroach walked on her leg and then climbed to her waist.

Juli continued with her work as if nothing was happening. The one who finally managed, by chance, to get the cockroach off of Julieta was her interviewee, when he hugged her before entering the house.

As usually happens, those who immediately noticed what was happening with the cockroach were some of the program’s viewers, who They shared the video fragment on the networks.

Shortly after the situation went viral, Julieta Pogigio took what happened with humor: “Not even the bugs wanted to miss the show tonight.”

The cockroach was a temptation for memes

The cockroach mishap on Poggio’s dress blew up Twitter. Among them, the following:

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