A fan dies in Nuevo los Cármenes during the Granada

A fan has died at the Nuevo los Cármenes stadium during the match between Granada and Athletic Bilbao. The match, which was stopped in the 15th minute due to the serious medical emergency in the stands, has been suspended.

LaLiga has confirmed, through a statement that can be read on social networks, the sad news of the death of the fan.

“Granada CF – Athletic suspended due to to the sad death of a fan in Nuevo los Cármenes”, confirms the competition.

Athletic also reported in ‘X’ of the death of the fan in the Nasrid stadium: “LaLiga and both clubs have agreed to suspend the match due to the death of the fan in Los Cármenes”.

“Athletic deeply regrets the eventand sends a message of encouragement to his family,” reads the text from the Basque club.

It was in the 15th minute when Unai Simón, Athletic goalkeeper, warned Ortiz Arias, match referee, that something was happening in the stands of the Nasrid fiefdom. At that moment, the braid went directly to the bench to inform the field delegate of the events.

The Granada doctors jumped onto the field, while the footballers went to the bench area. Meanwhile, Ortiz Arias was in constant communication with the field delegate of New Los Cármenes.

As the minutes passed, the news became less and less hopeful. A sheet was spread in the field area where the serious incident occurred, with a fan suffering cardiorespiratory arrest, while the doctors continued with their work.

The suspension was confirmed by public address system

More than 20 minutes later, Ortiz Arias decided send the footballers to the locker roomwith the suspension already on the table.

It was the Nasrid club’s public address system that confirmed that the match was not going to be resumed. “Granada CF – Athletic Club is suspended. Please, we ask the fans to go evacuate the stadium”, the club reported on social networks.

“From the entity we want to send our most sincere condolences to the family and friends, as well as to the entire Granada family. The match, suspended after the death of a member of our club”, Granada finished.

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