A Fazenda 15: Adriane Galisteu scolds Nadja during the live broadcast

Adriane Galisteu and Nadja Pessoa (Photo: Record)

In mid-September, Record TV premiered another edition of the rural program The farm. In more than two months of airing, the attraction provided a lot of entertainment and created something to talk about on and off screens across the country with the controversies involving its participants. Last night, December 7th, the biggest clash between the presenter Adriane Galisteu and the peon Nadja Pessoa.

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The edition showed a moment where Nadja doubts the reality show commander’s impartiality during the last Farmer’s Test. In this situation, the woman from Pernambuco says the following: “Doesn’t know how to be neutral”, points out, referring to Galisteus. Therefore, the communications professional decided to scold the participant and the atmosphere heated up during the live broadcast. Adriane pointed out that she hopes that everyone gets what they deserve within the reality show.

Adriane said the following: ”This message is for you Nadja. Yesterday, I heard you commenting alone in your room and the people at home also saw it, that you thought I wasn’t neutral in the Farmer’s Test. And I’ll tell you something. I’m not neutral at all. Because I really root for all of you equally, I really do. I want everyone to do their best, perform as much as possible, win all the prizes.”emphasized the blonde.

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Soon after, she also said that she roots for the success of each pawn in the game. Galisteu argues: “When you put that Farmer hat on your head, I cheer. When you guys get back to the game, I’m thrilled. I want you to know that when you enter the game, our fans are for your success. Because your success is our success, right?!”he said. Check out the moment!

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