A Fazenda 15: Cézar appears dressed as Kally in ‘Hora do Faro’ and becomes the subject of a joke

Cézar Black (Photo: Record)

In September, Rede Record premiered another season of the rural program The farm. In the meantime, the attraction provided a lot of entertainment for its viewers and gave people something to talk about on and off screens across the country with the controversial attitudes of its participants. On the night of this Sunday, December 10th, the ex-BBB and nurse Cezar Black decided to pay tribute to Kally and divided opinions on the web. It is worth remembering that the two formed a couple within the headquarters and were criticized for their behavior.

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During the participation of Yuri in the program ‘Faro Time’ in the board ‘The Last Chance Farm’, the pawn appeared dressed in a blonde wig, pink cap, bra with two avocados and a red robe. In an attempt to bring the image of the affair to the surface and show himself as an affectionate person, Black achieved just the opposite: he became the subject of jokes on the internet.

X (formerly Twitter) users made the following observations on the matter: ”He swears that the public loves seeing him with these wigs since BBB. Poor thing, Black has the charisma of a door. It’s not funny at all.” ”Rodrigo holding back a laugh. there is professionalism.” “And look, there are mirrors inside, huh, but for some people like Black, it’s still not enough.” ”Cut to him doing VT dressed as Kally hahahaha that notion has gone a long way.” “No woman deserves this horrible caricature!” Check out the moment below!

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The eliminated candidate of the week, Yuri, gave the following plaques to Cézar: opportunist, intelligent, lively, greedy, good character, affectionate, talkative, coward and BlaVT (a pun on his name, as Yuri pointed out that the health professional really likes to do VT). Upon receiving the adjectives from his former confinement colleague, the former BBB member stated that he does not value this type of attitude at headquarters.

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