A Fazenda 15: Jaque returns to his speech about giving up: ‘Heart is tight, what an affliction’

Jaque talks about possible withdrawal and elimination – Reproduction/PlayPlus/Record TV

After the result of the new Roça of the week in “The Farm 15“, which resulted in the elimination of Yuri Meirelles, Jaquelline once again demonstrated her desire to withdraw from the competition. After delegating a new role to Tonzão, the Farmer isolated herself outside the headquarters and said she had a “heavy heart” and was “distressed”.

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Missing her daughter, the girl said that, if she hadn’t won the hat, she would have given up on the reality show. “I love you daughter! I am missing you. Oh, my God, what an affliction! The heart is very tight. Sir, if I hadn’t won that hat, I would have left.”said Jaque, quite shaken.

Previously, the person had already shared with Márcia Fu that she believed in her elimination. “Didn’t I tell you that if I hadn’t won this test I would be on the streets?”he questioned. “I can speak? I really was going… Now I know that you would go — or me, if you were there.”, confirmed Márcia. Jaquelline then said that she had received from God another opportunity to continue. “It was God who gave me another chance to take advantage”he completed.

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Jaque talks about possible elimination from the reality show

André Gonçalves did not agree with his colleagues’ position, saying that Yuri and anyone who competed with him would have a chance of leaving. “Forget it, there’s nothing like that. Roça was about Yuri, and anyone who went with him would end up with that”he commented.

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Jaque made it clear that he does not believe in the possibility of continuing if he moves to a new Roça. “Today I saw that I have no chance of winning this”, he highlighted. On the other hand, Cezar Black managed to get out of the spotlight and celebrated a lot.

“In a way, it was giving us, like [grupo] Paiol, a feeling of discouragement, thinking that the problem was ours, that we were lost in the game”said Rodamés. “An answer for us as a group. For me as a person. It was f*ck yesterday, I was in disbelief”stated Black.

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