A Fazenda 15: Public accuses Record of manipulation with Yuri’s departure

Yuri (Photo: Record)

On September 19th, Record TV premiered another edition of the rural program The farm. Having been on the air for two months, the attraction provided a lot of entertainment and gave people something to talk about on and off the screen with the bullshit involving its participants. Yesterday, December 7th, another elimination took place in the reality show and the model Yuri Meirelles ended up leaving the competition to the surprise of many. please note that Nadja Pessoa It is Cezar Black were also in the spotlight.

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+ A Fazenda 15: Adriane Galisteu scolds Nadja during live

Cézar and Nadja have gone through difficult times amid the competition in recent weeks. The ex-BBB received criticism here because of his relationship with the fight that ended up causing Lucas Souza quit the program. Nadja, on the other hand, managed to be seen as a villain because she recently attacked Jaquelline It is Andrew. In the situation, the woman from Pernambuco even stated that the actor and the singer were being false to her. Meanwhile, Yuri was not considered a person who moved the headquarters so much.

Therefore, many internet users made several comments on the official page of this portal and pointed out that Record was ‘manipulating’ the vote. Facebook users made the following observations: “They left whoever is moving the game.” “What happened on all the sites, Nádia came out, and if Nádia was wiped out, now we have the champion Nádia”. ”Manipulation can only be done, in the polls she was only allowed to leave, Yuri was least voted to leave”. “You don’t want to watch Manipulation affi”. Check it out below!

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+ A Fazenda 15: Yuri is eliminated from the program

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Recently, as you may have seen here on Vip areathe presenter Adriane Galisteu scolded the participant Nadja Pessoa. Yesterday’s edition (07/12) showed a moment where the person comments that the commander of the reality show was not impartial at the time of the Farmer’s Test. Thus, Galisteu sent a message to Nadja and said that he hopes that all the pawns win prizes during the dispute.

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