A Fazenda 15: Shay wins the Fire Trial; find out who is in Baia

A Fazenda 15 – Shay (Edu Moraes/Record TV)

In mid-September, Rede Record premiered another edition of the rural program The farm. In more than two months on air, the attraction provided viewers with a lot of entertainment and gave people something to talk about on and off the screen with the controversies involving its participants. On the afternoon of this Sunday, December 10th, another Fireproof at headquarters and the pawn Shay ended up taking Lampião who could change the team’s formation for the week.

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Therefore, the test participants were: Shay, Lily It is W.L.. Their respective helpers were: Cezar Black, Radames It is Tonzão. They dressed up in cow, pig and sheep costumes. The helpers were blindfolded during the dispute and were guided by their partners to hold an object in the shape of a triangle, square or ball. When holding the objects in their hands, they had to fit them into the correct shape, that is, square with frame and so on.

With Shay winning the race, Lily, Tonzão, Radamés and WL went directly to Baia and ran the risk of being pulled into ‘Resta Um’ during the formation of the week’s field. Lampião can completely change the direction of this formation, since the Power of the Orange Flame, chosen by the home public, will mean that three residents of Baia are exchanged for three residents of the headquarters. It is worth remembering that the Power of the White Flame will only be known during the live program. Check out an excerpt from the test below!

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Recently, as you may have seen here on Vip areaformer participant Henrique He was present on ‘LinkPodcast’ and there he spoke about a moment of tension at headquarters. The athlete reported that he witnessed an episode where Jenny Miranda had a seizure and Cezar Black helped her immediately at that moment. Soon after, the ex-peon received the necessary medical attention.

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