A former CHIQUITITAS accused Cris Morena of letting go of his hand when he was only 12 years old and harming him

Sebastian Franciniwho began his career in acting when he was only 8 years old, accused Cris Morenawith whom he worked in Little ones, having let go of his hand after helping him launch his career. The actor who starred in the novel, the play and also won a Martín Fierro for “Best child and youth performance” He targeted the producer and declared: “I was not prepared for such frustration.”.

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in the cycle Between us (Net TV), Francini said that Romina Yan’s mother left him without work despite the great projection he had as an actor. “There was a change of command at Telefe. (Gustavo) Yankelevich left and Claudio Villarruel entered. And she went with her formats of ‘Rebelde Way’, ‘Chiquititas’, to América and El Nueve, and she told me ‘I have nothing for you’“, held.

Sebastián Francini shot Romina Yan’s mother. (Video: NET TV)

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Tomás Dente asked him if there were any explanations from the production company about his decision and Sebastián answered: “Don’t know. He told me ‘I don’t have anything planned for you, therefore, I’m leaving you free.’ I asked myself what I was going to dress up as because I was 12 years old.”. “I was 12 years old and I was aware that He was the economic pillar in my family. For me to lose my job was a lot of pressure,” Francini added.

In any case, the actor who currently stars in the play sex He acknowledged that he should have been in school at that age. “I would live it again because he forged the person I am today,” she said. “When he told me there was nothing for me, I had a week to see what I was going to do.“, he pointed.

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I was not prepared to go through that stage of frustration, uncertainty. “Something that was part of my life was ending,” said the former Chiquititas before revealing the unexpected twist in his story. “Fortunately, a few days after Cris Morena became ‘unemployed’, Telefe He summoned me to offer me a ten-year exclusivity contract”he explained.

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