A huge Girona gives the big blow in Montjuc and leaves Barcelona on the couch | LaLiga EA Sports 2023


Goals from Dovbyk, Miguel Gutirrez, Valery and Stuani give a historic victory to Mchel’s team, which returns to the lead (2-4).

Dovbyk celebrates Girona's 0-1 win in Montju
Dovbyk celebrates Girona’s 0-1 win in Montjuc.AP

Girona finally achieved its first victory as a visitor against Barcelona. With forcefulness and ample merit, the assault on Montjuc by those of Michel Not only does it once again call into question the consistency of the Barça team, but it also allows them to once again climb to a leadership position that, given what we have seen, is not at all a coincidence. [Narracin y estadsticas (2-4)]

The 2-4 achieved against the Blaugrana with so many Dovbyk, Miguel, Valery and Stuaniwith Lewandowski and Gndogansaving in a certain way the honor of the locals, was forged in a match in which control and the initiative were clearly for the visitors, no matter how much the Xavispurred once again by urgency, they would try without success to remedy it throughout a second half, somewhat more inspired than the first.

Girona played more and better than Barcelona in a first half that Michel’s men took advantage of to go to the locker room with a more than deserved 1-2. Theirs, in fact, were the first clear chances of the first 45 minutes in which, in general, the people from Girona conveyed a much neater image than the Blaugrana.

Only dead ball

Tsygankov He had the first clear warning, and his, precisely, was the cross that allowed his compatriot Dovbyk to open the scoring when the first 12 minutes had barely been played. Xavi’s men, for their part, tried to overcome themselves by lurching, pulling above all on the inspiration of a Pedri with complete freedom to move wherever you want. The equalizer, however, would not come in a game action, but through strategy.

Lewandowski, with a powerful jump, heads a corner serve into the net. Raphinha. The tie greatly encouraged a Bara team that had been overwhelmed time and again by Girona’s precise play. To such an extent that Xavi’s men persistently prowled around the area of ​​a Gazzaniga capable of thwarting the most promising arrivals. Once recomposed, however, it was Mchel’s team that once again controlled both the ball and the game.

Miguel, in those, took advantage of the umpteenth disconnection of the Barça defense, with Kound appearing again in the photo, to enter without opposition from the front and launch a strong shot with the outside of his left boot to sign the 1-2. Before, Iaki Pea He had managed to send another good shot from the former Madrid player to the corner and he even saw with relief how his shot was lost along the baseline after a very well-worked play by the visitors.

Protect yourself with possession

At the restart a more willing Bara was seen. He had no choice but to at least restore the tie. In the opening moments of the second half he approached the Girona goalkeeper again and again, but his shots, almost always bitten, hardly represented any difficulties for Gazzaniga.

Girona, always comfortable with the ball at their feet, also knew how to find a way to partially stop the Barça effervescence when the locals seemed to threaten more seriously to equalize. Protecting themselves with possession of the ball, the visitors began to exasperate an opponent whose time was slipping through their fingers.

And, with patience, they ended up giving it the finishing touch through Valery who sentenced the duel with 1-3 and confirmed a more than deserved return to the leadership. Gundogan’s 2-3 was just an anecdote, because Stuani, a survivor from the Second Division times, was ready at the far post to close the curtain. Unlike Lewandowski, erratic in a fantastic opportunity to make it 3-3, the Uruguayan did not miss his date with history. After two weeks of truce, with those balsams against Porto and Atlético, Barcelona returns to the couch.

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