“A Laboratory does not raise or lower sanitary measures,” says Minister of Health about water

Mary Munive Angermüller, Minister of Health, considered that a laboratory does not raise or lower measurementsbut of the respective analyzes that are provided by the evidence thereof.

Munive referred to the water situation in Turrialba and the communication from the Municipality of that canton on February 9 where he reported that after the respective tests it was determined that the distribution of the liquid did not meet the appropriate standards.

The Health Minister added this Monday that several analyzes were carried out and in many of them the results that the Local Government already communicated came outalthough within the findings there were several variables.

Munive compared what happened to the medical care of a patient where a laboratory test reflects an element of the entire healthcare component.

He maintained that on the weekend a distortion was generated in the laboratories what has already been said by both the Ministry of Health and the Mayor’s Office.

“Health is giving the health order to be able to generate measures for the care of the population“As the mayor’s office is the owner of the aqueduct, they are the owners and lords,” Munive explained.

“The laboratories They are a means of support for all the analysis generated by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office. about what happened and that is why a laboratory does not raise or lower measures, it is that laboratory’s analysis of all the other variables that generates the lifting or not of the measures,” indicated the minister.

He assured that After contaminating material came out, the tanks were washed and apply before and after tests, as well as 6-hour processes as a range of action to ensure that the water flow was new.

Until now we are waiting to see If Health takes to lift the sanitary measures in the Turrialbeño canton product of water resources.

Problems with water in Turrialba It was detected since last January 31 and the inspection work immediately began.

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