A man arrested after shooting 17 times at the doors of a Laura Pausini concert in Paris

French security forces have arrested a man who, with a semi-automatic weapon, shot at least 17 times in the vicinity of a venue in Paris where a concert by the Italian singer Laura Pausini was being held, after the guards did not allow him access.

The events took place around 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, next to the Accor Arena. The suspect, whose identity has not been revealed, showed up at the VIP accesses, where he was rejected by the agents guarding the entrance, official sources have informed the newspaper. Le Parisian.

Next, this person headed towards an emergency exit located about a hundred meters away and opened fire repeatedly against a glass door. The guards managed to get him to put down his weapon, without anyone being injured as a result of this incident.

The individual He also carried a knife and, according to other sources consulted by the newspaper The Figaroshouted a series of inconsistencies related to different issues, from agreeing with the farmers’ protest to I wanted to “change the world”.

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