A tenderness! Daniela Celis showed Thiago Medina changing her twins’ diapers

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Daniela Celis is still hospitalized at the Austral Hospital in Pilar after giving birth to Laia and Aimé, her daughters together with Thiago Medina. The former Big Brother participant underwent a scheduled cesarean section after going through 36 weeks of pregnancy, so He still requires help with the care and hygiene of the little ones, so the young man did not hesitate to change their diapers.

Touched by the gesture of the new dad, Celis went to her official Instagram account to share with her followers a short clip in which Thiago was seen totally immersed in his task. “Ready, ready, it was a little while, see?”Thiago was heard saying while one of the babies cried and he held a diaper in his hands.

“There is no need to cry, life is a carnival”, expressed Thiago quoting the song by Cuban Celia Cruz when listening to his daughter’s crying in an attempt to calm her down. Previously, Celis and Medina filmed themselves from the room where Daniela is recovering after the cesarean section to contact their fans, taking advantage of the fact that the girls had fallen asleep.

“It’s our first free time and we ask ourselves: ‘What do we do now?’ We didn’t bring any cards, nothing! It’s parent free time! What is done?”launched the former Big Brother participant, making it evident how quickly they adapted to putting all the attention and energy on Laia and Aimé after their arrival into the world. “They are now sleeping peacefully and we, meanwhile, look at each other’s faces. “Maybe we’ll watch a movie.”Medina added honestly.

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