A two-time F1 champion dismisses Lewis Hamilton by comparing Fernando Alonso to Max Verstappen

In an interview on ‘Mundo Deportivo’, among other topics, Emerson Fittipaldi has analyzed the figure of Fernando Alonso.

The legend of the Formula 1world champion in 1972 and 1974, has described the Asturian as a “lion”: “Fernando is very well physically, and mentally too, he has a lot of drive to win and he has the motivation. It’s like a lion. He is a lion on the circuits. It is there to attack. He always finishes the races very well.”

“In America we say that drivers like Fernando Alonso are ‘carreristas’ (a racer), a type of driver who when he starts on the grid always goes forward. He is very fast and I really like watching him compete.“, has added.

After that, they asked him the question of if Verstappen is better than Alonso or Hamilton…and in his response he has ‘forgotten’ about Lewis.

“He’s very fast, but surely, if you put Alonso in a Red Bull, it’s going to be fast anyway“he replied.

Can you drive until you are 49?

Fittipaldi competed until 49 yearsand believes that the man from Oviedo is also capable: “Of course it can. Calmly, until he wants. He is well prepared physically to compete. When I was 40 years old I remember that I started a special diet from a trainer. You have to compensate for the deficit of age with other things. “You need greater effort, more physical preparation, a high-energy diet to compensate for the age of your physique.”

“The competitive level of F1 is at the level of global sports as important as racing. football, tennis, basketball… I like it a lot because it’s what I tried to do (laughs). “I admire Fernando a lot,” he concluded.

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