A video reveals the attack on soldiers with an explosive mine in Jalisco

The images are brutal and once again recreate the portrait of a country overcome by violence. A video that has circulated on social networks and the media in recent days shows the moment in which a group of soldiers is traveling along a dirt road, aboard an official truck, when a mine suddenly explodes on the side of the road. which causes one of the soldiers to be expelled. Of the others, who were walking closer to the explosion, nothing is seen again.

For a couple of days there had been speculation that it was another of the country’s hot zones: Michoacán, however, the Ministry of Defense had to come out to deny the information and confirm that at least two of its soldiers died in the attack, and that the events occurred in the town of Zipoco, in the municipality of Santa María del Oro, in the State of Jalisco, in the region adjacent to Michoacán.

According to information revealed by military sources, it was an explosive mine buried a few steps from the road, in an area where the military carried out patrol tasks. That region is a territory of dispute between cartels with a strong presence of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), which has repeatedly shown its strength and presence in the streets of various locations in the State. The limits of Jalisco’s northern border have become a danger area in recent years.

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