Actress Bia Montez, the beloved Dona Vilma from ‘Malhação’, celebrates her return to TV

Actress Bia Montez - Photo: Fábio Rocha/TV Globo
Actress Bia Montez – Photo: Fábio Rocha/TV Globo

The actress Bia Montez, better known as the beloved inspector Dona Vilma from ‘Malhação’, opened her heart when celebrating her return to TV. Currently 65 years old, the artist was marked in the memory of a generation when she participated in TV Globo’s teen drama between 2001 and 2007, returning to the small screens of the Marinho family’s broadcaster, joining the cast of ‘Fuzuê’, the new drama of the seven.

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In this new phase of her professional career, Bia Montez plays the housekeeper Conceição Leal. “Conceição Leal, as the name suggests, is loyal and faithful. He owes a debt of gratitude to Nero (Edson Celulari). She helped raise his children. With the death of Nero’s wife, she became very maternal. She does everything to keep the family together. I think all the characters at some point will discover where her treasure is and her treasure is her family“, says the actress.

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It is worth remembering that after leaving the cast of TV Globo’s teen drama, the actress went through Record’s casting between 2009 and 2014. At Edir Macedo’s channel, she did the remake of Dona Xepa (2013), adapted by Gustavo Reiz, author from Fuzuê.

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Bia Montez reveals invitation to return to TV

Happy with her return to the small screen, the veteran artist celebrated: “It was a joy to be called to participate in Fuzuê. It’s work after the pandemic and so many difficulties for us artists. I’ve already worked on another soap opera with Reiz, where I was very happy, and now it’s been a delight“, he states.

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In addition, from working in dramaturgy in the soap opera sector, the artist played characters in comedy series and participated in films and plays.

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