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I know it’s a bit cliche, but I LOVE “Father of the Bride”. Yes, the storyline is classic and the characters are lovable (who doesn’t love Steve ad Diane?!), but it’s the style of the movie that keeps me coming back again and again…and again! I love the movie so much that when I got married, I referred my dad to the opening scene of this movie as a guide to his own speech at my wedding (oh YES I did!). But more than anything, I feel “at home” when I watch this movie. These parents are like my parents, their wedding was like my dream wedding…most of all, that house is like the house I will always dream of living in. Remember this house? {via} What is NOT to love about this house? Blue shutter windows? Check. White picket fence? Check. Gorgeous crawling vines? Check and check, check, check! I love this house. What this really boils down to is the genius that is Nancy Meyers, the writer of such movies as, Father of the Bride, It’s Complicated, Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, and so many others. I have a crush on ALL her movies…and her interior design taste is divine, it’s a trademark of her movies. It’s no surprise that her own house is just fabi…follow along while we tour her home… All photos {via} I just love her classic look and I always seem to be blown away at how beautiful she transforms each “movie house”…clearly her own style speaks for itself…just beautiful! Do you have a movie that’s decor inspires you? Hope you’re all have having a beautiful day! xo natasha

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