After being accused of being an absent father, Pyong Lee says: ”You will know the whole truth”

Pyong Lee
Pyong Lee (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Previously, you may have been notified here by Vip areathe digital influencer and ex-BBB Pyong Lee was criticized in several ways for allegedly being an absent father in raising his son Jake Lee. Some statements given by Sammythe child’s mother and former partner of the digital influencer, also reinforced the rumors that Pyong was not actively participating in the little one’s upbringing.

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+ Pyong Lee appears in a cute moment with his son after being criticized: “I love him so much”

It is worth noting that the ex-brother also appeared at other influencers’ parties and that is why the rumors ended up intensifying. Lee was at ‘Casa da Barra’, an event created by Carlinhos Maia and more recently on the anniversary of Gkay, in the famous ‘Farofa da Gkay’. Therefore, to put an end to all this buzz surrounding his son’s upbringing, Pyong decided to speak out on the matter.

On his official Instagram Stories account, he wrote the following: ”Once and for all, I will break my 4-year silence. Now you will know the whole truth”, he emphasized. Until the closing of this article, the ex-BBB had not said what this truth would be. And of course, internet users could not let this moment go unnoticed. They promptly tried to comment on the situation involving the influencer, Sammy and Jake.

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+ Pyong Lee admits using a dating app and explains ‘partnership’ with Carlinhos Maia

Instagram users made the following observations: “Come on, handsome, blame it on your wife while you’re twerking at parties, you’re a good guy!” “He looks like he has no maturity at all.” “Here comes the male who wants to be right, I hope he has a good excuse lol”. “He will give a clarification that will hypnotize everyone and agree that he is right.” “They’re going to promote the little tiger game or raffle, they always do this suspense beforehand”. Check out!

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