“After eight podiums this year…”

Fernando Alonso has been, along with Max Verstappen, the big name in Formula 1 in 2023. Because the Spaniard, finally, has had a great machine in his hands. Because, with Aston Martin, he has once again dreamed of winning. Because, with the AMR23, he has managed to get on the podium many times where he was his first course dressed in green.

One that did not look easy a priori, because when he signed for the Silverstone brand they could only surpass Williams in the world Cup. However, after the preseason, something seemed to have happened at the factory. Something that could well be seen as a miracle.

As one of the few miracles that exist in F1. And going from adding just 50 points in 2022 to dreaming of podiums, pole positions and victories is something that has practically never happened. Something that has happened with Aston Martin.

To the joy of Fernando Alonso. Because the Asturian is, after the two Red Bull drivers, the one who has tasted the taste of champagne the most in 2023. He is, after Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, the one who has been on the podium the most. All of this has helped him finish the World Cup fourth with 206 points. It is his best mark since 2013.

To improve everything in 2024

But all that, for him, is already in the past. Because he already looks to the future. Because Alonso has already set his sights on the next course. One in which he wants more. Both for him and for Aston Martin. Because Fernando is one of those who does not conform.

“We finished fifth in the constructors’ championship. So for next year we have to improve that. Be fourth, third, second… or whatever.”he says in words on ‘RacingNews365’.

And he also talks about himself: “After eight podiums I hope that in 2024 I can do something similar.”

To comply, and to continue dreaming of that 33 that went viral during much of the World Cup, they now have to work in the factory. We have to solve the big problems of the AMR23, with special attention to the lack of speed on the straight… and also to the little evolution that the car had throughout the year.

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