After implanting silicone, Key Alves shows before and after and impresses: ”It looked great”

Key Alves (Photo: Instagram)

Previously, as you may have seen here on Vip areathe digital influencer, former volleyball player and former BBB, Key Alves, 23 years old, decided to share with her audience that she was going to have silicone implants in the breast area. Shortly after the surgery, she appeared stating that the procedure had been a real success. Today, December 8th, some internet users were able to compare the ex-sister’s before and after and were surprised by the change.

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Through her Instagram Stories, the former athlete has been updating fans with images of the results of the intervention. The most recent record shows Key lying on the bed where she had the prosthetics implanted and the before and after the procedure. Therefore, several internet users praised the result obtained by the ex-BBB.

Instagram users made the following observations on the topic: “Nothing was wrong with it, it was great.” “I have it and I love it!! Her self-esteem will improve a lot.” “Wow, total difference, may she feel fulfilled.” ”She looked beautiful!! If she is satisfied, amen… I put it in for 6 months and I don’t regret it.” “Wow, I’ve never seen a video that shows so much 100% of everything”. Check it out below!

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Key Alves (Photo: Instagram / Reproduction)

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As soon as she underwent the surgery, the ex-sister appeared still under the influence of medication on her Instagram Stories to reveal that she was still feeling a lot of pain post-surgery. In the situation, she commented the following: ”Guys, the surgery is finished, I still can’t say much, but I want to thank you for all your support. a lot of pain, a lot of pain.”, reported the former athlete. Moments before, she confessed that this was her first surgery in her life and asked her fans to send her positive thoughts, as she was about to go to the operating room for the implant.

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