Alane’s earring, from BBB24, catches Ana Maria Braga’s attention: “What’s this deal like?”

Ana Maria Braga (Reproduction: TV Globo)
Ana Maria Braga (Reproduction: TV Globo)

This Tuesday, February 6th, the presenter Ana Maria Braga commented on the events of ‘Sincerão’, on BBB24, which took place last Monday (5). One factor that caught the communicator’s attention was the earring Alane and she didn’t hide it live when talking to her colleague Tati Machado. In the activity, the participant wore a leaf-shaped accessory with a pearl in the middle, which had repercussions in the digital world.

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“There was so much being said. I pay attention to her earring…”, commented Ana Ana Maria, initially, while having breakfast with Tati Machado on ‘Mais Você’. Later, the presenter analyzed her sister’s accessory and asked a question: “It looks like he took a leaf from some maidenhair and stuck a pearl in it. I watched. What is this business like? Is the earring really plastic or is it really a plant?”she asked.

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Therefore, Tati Machado, who is also part of the Meeting team, presented by Patrícia Poeta, expressed her thoughts on the subject: “I think she took that earring, yes. But yesterday was the first time I noticed that I had this pearl. She had already used it again…”, added the celebrity columnist. Soon after, the host of ‘Mais Você’ played a joke with Alane’s earring: “Then it is done. Will the same sheet last as long? But it’s an idea, right? Get a sheet that will last the entire party.”

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In the end, the TV Globo presenter called a commercial break and, when she returned, Ana Maria showed the idea of ​​a member of her team, who inserted her earring into a plant and showed the result live.

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