Alberto Franco, former representative at CABEI, disqualifies Bulgarelli’s hiring terms

The economist Alberto Franco appeared before the legislators. Photo: CRH.

The economist Alberto Franco, who was Costa Rica’s representative before the board of directors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for four months, at the beginning of this administration, disqualified the terms of the contract that was given for producer Christian Bulgarelli.

Franco appeared this Monday before the legislative commission that investigates the hiring of the National Radio and Television System (Sinart).

When asked by the deputy of the National Liberation Party (PLN) Francisco Nicolás, the economist disapproved the way in which Bulgarelli prepared the terms of reference for the contest for which he was later hired by CABEI for $300,000.

He would not accept that the same person who is going to compete prepares the contract, it is a prohibited practice in the Bank, he noted.

Franco also reaffirmed that after the revelations made by the newspaper The nationin relation to this contract, There are already two instances within CABEI investigating this hiring, one by the Integrity and Compliance Office and by the bank’s Ethics Committee.

He acknowledged that there could have been a failure in the bank’s chain of custody to prevent this contract from being carried out.

Deputy Nicolás pointed out that for him the first to fail The current representative of Costa Rica in this entity was the former Christian Social representative Erwen Masís.

The economist was appointed to this regional entity for just four months, from July 13, 2022 to November 4, 2022, after a difference he maintained with President Chaves.

He explained that at one point there was strong pressure from the former president of CABEI to approve the entity’s budget, which in his opinion was inflated and contained a significant increase in positions that was detrimental to the entity and the interests of the countries.

He remembered that he received a call from the president Chaves where he ordered him to change his position about the budget, which he refused, which cost him his position.

Precisely, Masís was the one who replaced Franco.

It must be remembered that CABEI gives the founding countries of the bank a donation of one million dollars to each new administration so that they can start their projects or resolve specific needs.

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