Alexandre Pato reacts to the VIP Area exclusive about a possible partnership with SBT

Alexandre Pato
Alexandre Pato on SBT? – Photo: Instagram

On November 29th, this columnist published exclusively here in the VIP Area that Daniela Beyruti, new vice-president of SBTwas in conversations with Alexandre Pato so that he could become the newest addition to the channel’s sports sector in 2024.

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According to the source of this column, Alexandre Pato was in advanced talks with his wife’s sister about taking over as the channel’s new sports commentator. However, there was an obstacle that made it impossible for both parties to sign a contract, for him to renew with São Paulo FC or to leave the club and go play for another team, whether in Brazil or abroad.

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In short, Pato said goodbye to São Paulo FC yesterday (07), receiving affection from Rebeca Abravanel and thousands of fans in her Instagram post. However, after we published exclusive information about his possible agreement with SBT on our social networks and the matter had repercussions, Senor Abravanel’s own son-in-law reacted to the news with a heart.

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It is worth remembering that, at the time we published the note, we contacted the player, but he did not comment directly on the matter. Does this heartfelt reaction mean that a partnership is coming? Let’s wait for new chapters in this story.

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Finally, at the time the information was released, we contacted SBT’s press office to ask about the matter, but the channel denied any conversation with the station owner’s son-in-law. Daniela was also approached to comment on the news, but did not comment.

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See the reaction:

Pato’s reaction in the VIP Area exclusive – Instagram

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