AMLO proposes consultation to prohibit bullfighting – Hermosillo Hoy

He made the proposal after an activist questioned him about the violence that occurs in bullfights.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed that a consultation be held in Mexico City so that ban bullfighting.

This Friday, an activist against animal abuse asked the president what he will do so that children do not suffer from the violence shown in the bullfightsto which he responded:

“Look, even though the legal process has not yet ended, my recommendation, in what I can help with, is that a consultation be called in Mexico City.”

However, the activist insisted on the issue by telling her “children vote”but the president reversed: “no, the citizens and there are already many aware citizens, this is the best, it is the most effective, democratic practice,” he indicated.

Last Wednesday, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) rejected an injunction that prevented bullfighting shows from being held in the Monumental in Mexico City.

Given this, President López Obrador said, in response to the activist’s management, that a consultation could be held promoted by the government of Mexico City and advised by it, so that it would be binding and it would be possible to prohibit the bullfights.

Furthermore, he recalled that in the consultation for the revocation of the mandate 16 million Mexicans voted, Even, he said, with the opposition of the parties of the PRI and the PAN and he stressed that if a consultation were held, many people could participate.

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