An abuser cuts the throat of his partner’s pet, puts its blood on its face and feeds it to him after cooking it

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office requests just over 12 years in prison for various crimes for a man accused of mistreating his partner, threaten to kill her, her mother and her young sonand cut the throat of the woman’s pet rabbit, cook it and feed it to her.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office document to which Efe has had access, he is accused of four crimes of abuse in the context of gender violence, a crime of injuries in the same framework, a continued crime of threats, a crime against moral integrity, another of habitual abuse and another against animals, which add up to the aforementioned penalty.

The Prosecutor’s Office reports that the defendant had a romantic relationship with the womanwith whom he resided in a home in the Valencian town of Montserrat since September 14, 2021, all in a procedure that corresponds to the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Picassent.

He hit her for not dressing the way he wanted

The first event she relates is from mid-October 2021, when the couple, on a trip to La Rioja, stayed in a motel and argued because the accused did not agree with the clothes she wanted to wear, and “with the intention to harm his physical integrity, He hit her with a club on the head, face, legs and arms.

In mid-November, at the family home they had another argument and “The accused tied the woman’s arms and legs, turned her face down and frightened her by telling her that he was going to cut her throat. and throw it down the chimney.”

Likewise at his house, in mid-December of the same year, after another argument, He tied the woman again and left her face down for an hour, After which he spread a package of rice on the floor and forced his partner to get on top of it on his knees.hitting her with a club and also punching her in the eyes.

He forced her to witness the death of her pet

At the end of that month, the accused became angry with her “because when she blew on the hair clipper, she accidentally spat” and his reaction was to tie her up, “take a knife and put it to his neck while telling him that there was going to be blood at night.” and that ‘he deserved to die for having spit on him.'”

Once untied, he forced her to take her pet by the legs and while he cut the rabbit’s throat with a knife, He forced her to look while saying that “that was so she would learn her lesson.”

She took refuge in the bathroom, where she locked herself with a latch but he broke it and dragged her to the dining room and He forced her to see the body of the dead rabbit and poured blood on her face. “Hours later, the accused cooked the rabbit and tried to get the woman to eat it,” the story concludes.

Death threats and continuous attacks

On January 16, 2022, also at his home in Montserrat, “He grabbed her by the hair and punched her in the left eye.” But, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, it was not until two days later when the woman filed the complaint and was visited by a doctor.

As a result of this latest attack, suffered a bruise that took between seven and ten days to healwith the consequent “moderate personal harm due to the loss of quality of life,” he continues.

In addition to all this, and to frighten her, the accused said expressions such as: “I would kill her”, “I would look for her under the stones” and that “if I didn’t do what he wanted he would cut the throats of his mother and his little son,” which made coexistence “unbearable.”

In addition to the prison sentence for these events and as claimed by the woman, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that the accused compensate the victim in the amount of 420 euros in civil liability for the physical injuries caused and 3,000 euros for the rest of the events. .

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