Ana Hickmann takes action involving Adriane Galisteu

Ana Hickmann and Adriane Galisteu (Reproduction: Record)
Ana Hickmann and Adriane Galisteu (Reproduction: Instagram/Record)

This Wednesday, December 6th, Ana Hickmann used social media to share with his followers an audio of Adriane Galisteu about confidence and self-love. The famous publication was understood by followers as an ‘endorsement’ of reconciliation after the two had fought in 2012, when the presenter of the rural reality show ran a celebrity program on Band TV, called ‘Much Mais’. Alezinho’s mother even sent a kiss to Vittório’s matriarch.

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In the audio in question, Adriane stated that she did not accept being called a “more or less” person: “I’d rather you love me or hate me than think I’m ‘whatever’. ‘Whatever’ I’m not, I never will be and I don’t want to be. I fight not to be”, says Record’s reality show commander. Then, Ana Hickmann used the reproduction to reinforce that she is going through a period of reconstruction after the announcement of the end of her 25-year marriage, with the following caption: “I said it all, @galisteuoficial!!!!”, marking the famous. The broadcaster responded in the comments: “That’s about it”she wrote, putting in a lot of heart.

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Within minutes, Ana’s followers reacted: “I’m loving seeing this interaction Adriane and Ana, women in power”declared Dani Calabresa. “She got real, closed with Galisteu and this woman is a real powerhouse!!!”said a follower. “She is wonderful!!!! Dress up as Ana and be happy!!!!”advised the third. “She’s closing with Galisteu! LOVE IT!”fired the fourth. “How beautiful she is with audio from Galisteu”scored the fifth. “Time has cleared you, @galisteuoficial”said the sixth.

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Check out Ana’s post and her followers’ comments:

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It is worth remembering that Ana and Galisteu already fought on national television, when the presenter of ‘A Fazenda’ declared on ‘Much Mais’, the late Band TV gossip attraction, that Hickmann would become a much better person if she were a mother. The commander of ‘Hoje em Dia’ took notice and took it as a critical tone. At the time, the ex-model’s now ex-husband decided to publicly express satisfaction, leaving Galisteu scared, according to her, in an interview with ‘ Veja ‘ magazine. In other words, everything was resolved between them.

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