Ana Hickmann talks about her heart after separation: ‘Totally broken’

Ana Hickmann – Reproduction/Instagram

The separation of Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa left his mark on the presenter. Furthermore, all the controversy and problems resulting from the assault case involving the businessman also meant that the blonde needed to have a lot of strength to move forward.

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Through questions and answers on her Instagram profile, Ana revealed what her heart is like at the moment. According to her, it is very difficult to face so many challenges and still stand tall. “The heart is very sad. I would even say completely broken. It’s very difficult for us to face so many problems, so many challenges, so many avalanches of feelings, of difficult things and keep our heads up, stay up.”he said.

Afterwards, Hickmann highlighted that he needs to be strong for his son, despite all the pain and sadness he has been facing. “But if I don’t do it, who will do it for my son? Who will be there for him? At this moment, despite all the sadness, all the pain, I have no right to stop and cry. I have other things I need to do, mainly stay well.”he vented.

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Ana Hickmann talks about the challenge of being a mother

When asked about motherhood, Ana Hickmann said that she needs to be strong to take care of her son, even if she is destroyed inside. “Anyone who is a mother will understand me. We may be a wreck inside, but out here, for our children, we will always be fine, we will be strong.”he said.

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“We, as mothers, do not have the right to show weakness. If I get sad, if I get weak, he will reflect the same. And I want my boy well, I want my boy strong”he added, making it clear that his son has given him the strength to move forward.

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