Ana Hickmann wants to share experiences after having a change in her life

Ana Hickmann wants to share experiences with followers – Instagram Reproduction

After having a radical attitude in his life in relation to his marriage to Alexandre Correa, which culminated in the couple’s separation, Ana Hickmann used social media on Friday night (08) to reflect on important issues for women. She even promised a chat with her followers.

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In the stories on her Instagram profile, the ‘Hoje em Dia’ presenter recorded several videos to show her feelings. “Today I started the day saying that this week was intense, but it was very good, because it was a week of a series of discoveries, of self-knowledge, of new possibilities and what is happening to me is capable of happening to all of us, just people try to look at life from another point of view”, he said.

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She continued analyzing her own situation. “It seems ironic that I talk about something like that, because of all the difficulties I’m facing and because of all the difficulties I’m still going to face, but we have to learn to look at life in a more positive way, transform pain into love, into knowledge ”, he highlighted.

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Ana also highlighted the importance of knowledge. “What I understand is that we don’t have to be afraid at any time to ask. Not knowing is part of it, after all no one is born knowing everything, asking is essential, it brings knowledge, it brings security. It gives us the opportunity to fight, to advance, overcome challenges, break down barriers and be even stronger,” she added.

She promised to share her experiences on social media. “And I want to show all of my evolution to you over the next few days. I will share with you, as I have always done, everything, with the greatest transparency. Problems won’t go away, things won’t stop happening, but everything I’m facing is being a big school, especially one of them, that we should never get comfortable with,” she explained.

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After saying that she went in search of numbers and statistics about how women deal with relationships and professions to understand her own challenge, Ana invited her followers to talk about the subject. “Tomorrow I’m going to open a box of questions here and I want to open a space to chat with you”, she said.

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