Andrea Pirlo reveals that he signed for Madrid in 2006… but ended up signing for Milan

Andrea Pirloformer footballer and current coach of the Sampdoriahas said that after becoming world champion in 2006 he was able to go to the real Madrid. In fact, came to sign with the white team but finally ended up playing for Milan.

The Italian team was on the verge of being relegated to Serie B by ‘Calciopoli’, but was finally able to play in both Serie A and the Champions League. AND Pirlo decided to stay.

“After the ‘Calciopoli’ we had just won the World Cup and we didn’t know how Italian football would resume. I had already signed the contract with Real Madrid, but Then Milan remained in Serie A and the Champions League and then I signed with the Rossoneri,” he acknowledged in an interview with Radio TV Serie A.

“During the Joan Gamper Trophy Guardiola called me to his office because he wanted me at Barcelona. At the same time, the idea and the possibility of me Ibrahimovic came to Milan. In the end Ibra arrived and I stayed too,” Pirlo said.

The Italian has been a player for the big three in his country: Inter Milan, Milan and the Juventus. “When I was a child I was a big Inter fan; my father used to take me on holiday to Viareggio and when Inter were at their training ground in that area, I would come up and ask for autographs. But when you become a professional, that’s not the case anymore. himself,” details the current Sampdoria coach.

“My adventure with Milan did not end as I dreamed, I hoped I could stay and remain useful, but at that period there was a policy where those over 30 were only offered a one-year contract. And then I chose Juventus. It was revenge for me. I really wanted to show everyone that I was still a player capable of playing at a high level and I won four leagues and we reached a Champions League final. Antonio Conte was a great football teacher“, he declared.

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