Andrés Valencia Ríos: Two hitmen on a motorcycle shoot and kill the former mayor of a town in Veracruz

Two hitmen on a motorcycle shot dead Andrés Valencia Ríos, former mayor of the municipality of San Juan Evangelista, south of Veracruz, around 12:20 this Monday, according to the State Attorney General’s Office. The former official died as a result of the attack, which occurred on the highway that connects the town with Sayula de Alemán, a stretch of just over 22 kilometers, “at the height of the deviation from the town of La Lima to the town of Juanita.” , specified the Public Ministry, which has not provided more information about the crime.

Valencia Ríos, who was elected president of the municipality as a candidate of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), was, according to the local press, helping the Civil Protection teams in the recovery of the body of a man who fell the night before. to the San Juan River when the two heavily armed men opened fire on him. He died instantly. The attackers fled and their whereabouts remain unknown. His identity and the causes of the homicide are unknown.

The Public Ministry has announced the opening of an investigation folder into the crime. “Prosecutors, experts and ministerial police assigned to the Coatzacoalcos Regional Prosecutor’s Office carry out the legal proceedings to find the whereabouts of those responsible,” the institution stated, in a brief statement of 111 words.

Valencia Ríos, who called himself on his social networks as “the friend of the people,” published on his Facebook profile less than a week ago an alert about the road on which he was murdered. “I am addressing all users of the La Lima – Juanita road section, to drive with caution, since due to the poor conditions of said road and with the support of volunteers, I am carrying out the patching of enormous holes that have been created.” been forming over time. I make important mention that this stretch of road is at the state level, however, the most affected are those of us who travel daily, and our vehicles are the most damaged.”

Before being elected mayor by the PAN in 2018, Valencia Ríos had held other public positions in the community, such as treasurer and director of Civil Protection. The former official also held the position of president of the San Juan Evangelista Livestock Association. Since then, he had become an active profile, collaborating with various social organizations in the region, a predominantly rural area. His wife, Eloísa Zetina Gónzález, is currently a trustee of the same municipality.

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