Angélica is controversial when she says she is in favor of abortion: ”Women have to be able to decide”

Angélica (Photo: YouTube)

On the night of last Monday, December 11th, the presenter, actress and businesswoman Angelica, 50 years old, made a statement that left many people surprised. During her participation in an interview program, her current partner Luciano Huck He even mentioned that he is in favor of abortion. Furthermore, the artist also commented on ageism and a supposed rivalry with Xuxa It is Eliana.

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+ Angélica will ‘compete’ with Luciano Huck on Sunday

The blonde was present at the TV Cultura attraction ‘Roda Viva’ and there he spoke about the most diverse subjects. At a certain point in the chat, the communications professional confessed that she is in favor of abortion and reinforced that the woman carrying the child would be the only person capable of deciding on this matter. Furthermore, she reveals that many people interrupt their dreams because of pregnancy.

She highlights: “I’m in favor of women having a choice. The woman has to be able to decide! We see the number of girls who stop studying, stop working or in extreme situations, rape… So, this is a decision that, increasingly, women have to be able to make. We talk more about this openly too, and this is a positive point so that they can make the right decision about their body”, he said.

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More about Angélica’s interview

At another point, the businesswoman emphasizes that she suffers a little pressure when the subject relates to her aesthetics. She states that she is in a phase where she tries to “take everything more lightly”. Angélica points out that she is not afraid of getting older. But, she assumes that she has the affliction of getting sick.

Luciano Huck’s companion describes the following: “My fears are very silly [risos], because I want to live the phases. I want to take care of myself, we have vanity, but what I’m most afraid of is illness, of having illnesses. I want to live, see my children grow up, so I want to be healthy!”, communicated. She also spoke about an alleged rivalry with her professional colleagues Xuxa and Eliana.

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+ Angélica reveals what she would do on her last day of life and surprises her with her answer

Angélica clarifies that such rivalry was created by other people and as a result they ended up getting closer. The blonde declared that she has many things in common with the other presenters: “It became an absolute truth. Afterwards we got closer, getting to know each other and discovering that we had more things in common. It wasn’t our story, it was a story they created.”he said. Check out the full interview below!

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