Anitta receives R$1 million to be present in Sapucaí

Anitta at Sapucaí
Anitta at Sapucaí – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Stories

ICON! The singer Anita continues to give something to talk about and this Carnival the pop artist said that she didn’t leave home just for a high fee, after rumors that she had only been present at Sapucaí after receiving R$ 1 million.

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According to the ‘UOL’ portal columnist, Lucas Pasin, Anitta commented on the fee of R$ 1 million when she arrived at ‘Camarote N1’, in Sapucaí, in the early hours of this Monday, February 12th. “I’m not talking about fees. The presence here is not just for that reason. It’s not: ‘I’ll pay and you’ll go’. First I need to want to leave the house, there are more questions“, explained the powerful woman.

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Asked if she had received invitations from samba schools to parade at Carnival, the artist was categorical in stating that no one invited her this year. “When they invite me (I’ll go back to Avenida). They didn’t invite me! Because whenever I come there is the question of the agenda. When I agree to do something, it has to be right“, she confessed.

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Still in Sapucaí, this morning (12), Anitta was attacked by many people, but her 8 security guards managed to control the crowd who wanted to take a photo with the pop star. When talking about the trouble among fans, she emphasized that the public should pay attention to the parades, as that was more important than their presence on site.

Oh, but the parade is more important. It needs to be more important, the attraction is the parade, man“, she declared, to the columnist.

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It is worth remembering that, this Carnival, the artist gained a lot of notoriety when she sang with Ivete in Salvador. In fact, they both sang ‘Macetando’, a song that the Bahian woman wrote in partnership with Ludmilla.

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