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Anjelica Huston is returning to the John Wick franchise with the latest Ballerina casting, pairing her up with Ana de Armas’ titular character.
With a number of vets already confirmed to be back, Anjelica Huston is also set to make her John Wick franchise return with the latest Ballerina casting. Ana de Armas is leading the cast of the upcoming film, a spinoff of the Keanu Reeves-led action franchise, revolving around an assassin trained as a ballerina who embarks on a quest to find those that murdered her parents. Len Wiseman, best known for helming the Underworld movie franchise, is directing Ballerina on a script he co-wrote with franchise vet Shay Hatten and Promising Young Woman's Emerald Fennell, who was brought on by de Armas.
As the film passes the three-week mark on its production, Lionsgate has announced that Anjelica Huston is officially returning to the John Wick franchise with Ballerina. The Oscar winner will reprise her role of The Director, the head of the Ruska Roma crime syndicate who previously helped Reeves' iconic assassin head to Casablanca to meet with the Elder and clear his name of his High Table debt. Franchise producer Erica Lee wrote about Huston's return in the following statement:

The idea of Ballerina was formed around the scenes with Anjelica in John Wick 3. Anjelica Huston is an icon and is nothing less than Hollywood royalty. The world of Wick is always made richer by her commanding screen presence.
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Huston marks the latest John Wick franchise star to be confirmed to return for Ballerina, with the past few weeks also announcing that Keanu Reeves would be back as the assassin, while Ian McShane's Continental Hotel owner Winston will appear in the film. Though audiences are hungry for more content set in the universe, the question on some audiences' minds are now going to be whether the multiple returns will help or hurt the spinoff. On the one hand, John Wick fans knowing of these characters' coming back could entice them to give the film a watch, while on the other, it could also detract from the experience of establishing a separate and unique story set within the universe.
This is an issue many other interconnected franchises find themselves running into, most notably that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent Disney+ show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was met with backlash from franchise fans who felt slighted by Charlie Cox's Daredevil being saved for the final few episodes of the show, despite featuring heavily in the marketing. But on the flip side, the freshly released Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was met with criticism for what some felt were forced MCU ties with the introduction of Riri Williams and Ironheart, and the inclusion of Martin Freeman's Ross and Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Valentina, the latter of whom many argued were inconsequential to the film's overall plot and emotions.
With three characters now confirmed to be returning to the fold, it will be interesting to see if Ballerina will bring back other major John Wick players. The most likely of any further additions would be that of Lance Reddick's Charon, given he has yet to be absent from a film yet, and generally accompanies McShane's Winston anywhere he goes, both as his protector, and his general assistant. With filming still relatively early into kicking off, audiences will have to keep their eyes peeled for who else will join de Armas' John Wick spinoff.
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