Aston Martin’s ‘guru’ claims Verstappen’s Red Bull is “absolutely beatable”

Dan Fallowstechnical director of Aston Martin and former head of aerodynamics at Red Bullhas given some very positive statements about the AMR24 after the car they will drive was presented this Monday at the Silverstone headquarters. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.

In the last season, Red Bull It was unbeatable. They won the team championship and the drivers’ world championship, in addition to achieving the victory in 21 of 22 Grand Prix that were disputed. He Aston Martinfor its part, managed to rival Red Bull in the first half of the season, although as the championship progressed, they began to deflate and lose ground.

The loss of performance that Aston Martin suffered last year has not been a limiting factor for those from Silverstone and they trust that This year they will be able to surpass Red Bull again as they develop their car.

People are getting very close “and I think that suggests that people are probably less capable of taking a big conceptual step away from the kind of things we’re seeing in most cars,” he said. Dan Fallows for ‘Racefans’.

“Aston Martin likes to find lap times from smaller details. There is still a long way to go and we think that Red Bull is absolutely beatable“added the technical director of Aston Martin.

One of the objectives of the British team this year was to have similar performance on all circuits, since the previous season, the competitiveness of the car varied greatly depending on the circuit on which it was raced.

“We have to build a car that is capable of work on any circuit and be competitive. And that’s really what we’re focused on, making a car that’s usable, that’s good for the drivers, that’s what we’ve really been trying to focus on,” Fallows added.

The engineer assured that although Red Bull is the reference, they do not only have them in their sights: “Really for us, Whoever has the fastest car is our goal and that is what we are analyzing.”

Dan Fallows concluded by saying that competitive statistics and being close to Red Bull will be a consequence of the work that has been done on the car, and that before focusing on the results, they aim to put that performance in the car, in order to give the pilots the ability to fight with the most competitive teams on the grid.

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