at least 60 people in Spain have fallen for the deception

“Your account has been temporarily suspended for security reasons, follow the verification steps here (and insert link).” With this message a network of scammers they passed through the bank, and if you didn’t fall for the scam, they called with the same phone number as the bank. In the Balearic Islands alone, at least 60 people have fallen into the trap called spoofing and of which the Civil Guard warns.

Álvaro Gallardo, spokesperson for the Civil Guard, explained to laSexta Noticias that these scammers ““They called their victims and alerted them of alleged operations on their account.”. “In this way, they asked for the security codes that the victims had received,” he detailed.

So, a network of scammers He has managed to deceive at least 60 people in the Balearic Islands and steal one and a half million euros from them. The victims believed that the bank agent who called them, who always had the same name, Álex García, was really a person from their bank.

The Civil Guard warns that they “trusted” that “their bank was really calling them with a telephone number” because it was a real number. This new scam technique is called spoofing and Experts recommend not trusting any call, message or email that we do not expect from the bank, because banking entities will never ask us to change any data through these means.

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