ATEEZ to release new album “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”! Re-recording Japanese songs in Korean

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ATEEZ has released their 1st EP “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”.

This album is an album that covers the ‘FEVER’ series, and contains a total of 10 tracks, including the double title songs ‘Turbulence’ and ‘The Real’, showing off a variety of charms.

ATEEZ talked about the introduction of this new album, the activity goals, and the message they want to convey to the fans through a question and answer.

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――It’s been a super-fast comeback since ZERO: FEVER Part.3. Please tell us about your impressions of the release of “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”.

HONG JOONG: I’m excited that this album will cover the whole year. In particular, the music and stage that the fans have been waiting for made me feel like I was preparing a surprise present.

SEONG HWA: First of all, I am very touched to finish the ‘FEVER’ series. Through this album, I felt that “ATEEZ is also growing together”.

YUN HO: I’m happy to release a new album like this. The composition of the album and all of the songs are very good, so I think we can have fun working together.

YEO SANG: I’m very happy to be working as a double title song with the song “Turbulence” and the new song “The Real”. I had a lot of fun filming the music video, so I’m excited to show it soon.

SAN: I’m very happy to think that the time to show the fans the stage is approaching.

MIN GI: I started rap making while listening to the song “Turbulence”. I really wanted to hear this song by the end of this year, and I’m happy that my wish came true.

WOO YOUNG: I’m happy that we were able to achieve good results this year thanks to the fans. I’m excited to be able to see you again soon like this to everyone who sent me generous love.

JONG HO: I’m always deeply moved and excited. Compared to other albums, the preparation period is short, but we prepared really hard to show you a high-quality and cool stage, so please look forward to it. ATINY (fan of ATEEZ)!

――There are 10 tracks included, but please introduce what kind of album “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” is.

HONG JOONG: “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” will be the end of the “FEVER” series, but it contains all the stories that we couldn’t do until now. I think it will be an album like a year-end present for the fans.

JONG HO: In a nutshell, it’s an album that graduates from the “FEVER” series. The preview content also includes the atmosphere of a graduation ceremony with a diploma and a bachelor’s cap. In this album, I would like you to feel the process of how to introduce the passion and wandering of young people and how to end it.

――While preparing for ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’, what was the most important part?

SEONG HWA: In this epilogue, I thought that I should convey my feelings as well as the message that the song conveys, so I paid attention to this part and prepared.

WOO YOUNG: Through our music and stage, we wanted to have a positive impact on our fans and the general public, and we included a story that everyone can relate to, so I hope this part will be conveyed well.

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――Please also introduce the message contained in the double title songs “Turbulence” and “The Real (Kou Ver.)”.

MIN GI: I wanted to tell everyone who listened to ‘Turbulence’ the ultimate message through the ‘FEVER’ series, the question mark ‘youth’, and set off on a journey to find the correct answer. I included a comforting message that everyone can relate to. Also, the scene in the music video where WOO YOUNG uses a wire to fly towards the sky is a famous scene.

SAN: “The Real (Xing Ver.)” is about humility and courtesy, and depicts the story of “The true charm of ATEEZ is the true charm of ATEEZ.” Saw. It’s a very fun song with a harmony of traditional Korean instruments and hip-hop trap beats.

――Do you have your “favorite part” or “listening point” in “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE”?

YUN HO: I like the part in “Be With You” the most, “Did you endure without stretching your hands?” Right now, songs suitable for this season are recorded in the first half of the album, so I think you can enjoy listening to the end.

YEO SANG: Personally, when I recorded “Turbulence,” I was able to experiment with new tones and singing styles, which is memorable. I especially like the part where YUN HO sings the phrase “falling waterfall / Owarainai free fall” in a high tone and I immediately sing it in a low tone.

WOO YOUNG: In addition to the new songs, there are also songs that we performed through the survival program “KINGDOM”, and songs released in Japan that we have newly recorded in Korean and performed for the first time. If you listen to it for a long time, I think it will be an album where you can look back on the footprints of the ‘FEVER’ series that started last year.

――Please tell us about the episodes during this comeback preparation period, such as recording the album and filming the music video.

HONG JOONG: When I was filming the music video for “The Real”, the moment I entered the shooting scene with calligraphy written all over in hanbok, I felt brave. I did, but I can’t forget the feeling at that time. And during the work period, I looked back on the two years I was active in the “FEVER” series, did the recording work, and wrote new lyrics, so it was a meaningful preparation period.

JONG HO: The lyrics of the chorus part of “Turbulence” touched my heart, and I almost cried during the recording. In particular, I remember that I sang the lyrics “Do you hear me? Someone” in one take, making full use of that emotion.

――Your previous 7th mini-album “ZERO: FEVER Part.3” ranked 42nd on the US Billboard Main Chart 200. Also, the music video for “Turbulence” has broken new records every time, surpassing 10 million views in just 17 hours, even though it was released in advance. What do you think about this?

HONG JOONG: Every time I hear stories like this, I am very grateful to ATINY. It seems that the fans are proving that the path we are on is not wrong, and instead of feeling the burden of having to work harder, it became a new motivation to say, “I can do my best in the future.”

SEONG HWA: We are very grateful to our fans. I think it’s our responsibility to show you a nice stage and a good song worthy of such a record.

――I think it was a year in which you worked harder than ever. Please say something to yourself in 2021.

YUN HO: I think I can take pride in having worked harder than anyone else. good work. Let’s do our best without forgetting our original intention! To all the members, my family, and all the staff who are working hard behind the scenes, thank you very much for your hard work this year. thank you very much!

MIN GI: Thank you very much for your hard work. This is an achievement that was achieved thanks to ATINY and the members, so I would like to say that you should not forget to be grateful to those around you.

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――The 2022 world tour “THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END” will start in January 2022 in Seoul. Please let me know your impressions or resolutions.

HONG JOONG: It was unexpectedly delayed by two years, but I feel apologetic, and I am grateful to all the fans who have been waiting. We will show you a more wonderful stage than ever before, and make it a time where we can sympathize with each other, so please look forward to it!

SAN: ATEEZ is ready to show you exactly what they are good at. I will prepare hard and show a stage that the fans can be proud of so that they will think, “Ah, this is ATEEZ.”

――Please tell us the goals and resolutions you want to achieve through this album activity.

HONG JOONG: I’m very happy that this album will be something that the fans can enjoy together, and I hope it will give ATINY confidence as an ATEEZ fan.

SEONG HWA: My feelings in “Turbulence” and my beliefs in “The Real”. I hope that it will be well conveyed to everyone who listens to our music.

YEO SANG: I want more people to know about ATEEZ through this album, and I think my goal is to give comfort and excitement to ATENY. I will do my best for this album, so please support me!

――Please give a message to the fans who have been waiting!

HONG JOONG: The album that we wanted to brag about so much during the preparations has finally been released! I am really happy and I am grateful to ATINY who have been waiting for me. From now on, we will create wonderful memories with better songs and stages, so I hope that you will continue to believe in us and sail with us forever.

SEONG HWA: ATINY, first of all, thank you very much. I’m so happy to be able to share this kind of music with you. I think I can always be young. We want you to enjoy your youth with us.

YUN HO: As you always wait for us and support us again, we will do our best to show you an even better stage. I love you!

YEO SANG: We will do our best so that ATINY can create many good memories through this album and performance. thank you.

SAN: We will continue to show you great performances, so ATINY, don’t worry about anything, just follow us. I love you.

MIN GI: Thank you for giving us so much love. I promise to always be better looking and proud of myself. thank you.

WOO YOUNG: Dear ATINY, this is WOO YOUNG. Please listen to “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” a lot. Also, I hope you have a happy end of the year with us. I am always grateful.

JONG HO: We said that we would repay you with an album and stage performances, as you have always waited for us and loved us. . thank you.

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