Athletic requests that the suspended match against Granada be played this Monday, December 11

The Athletic, Through a statement that can be read on their social networks, they have requested that the match against Granada, played at Nuevo los Cármenes, be resumed this Monday, December 11. The match was stopped in the 15th minute due to a health emergency involving a fan in the stands who, unfortunately, ended up losing his life.

This is how Athletic presents its request to continue with the challenge against the Andalusians this year. Monday December 11th.

“Reiterating our deepest condolences for the death of the fan, it is understood by regulatory regulations that the cause that led to the suspension of the match has ceased, and the conditions are met. to be held within the next 24 hours.”says the text.

For now, LaLiga has not commented about this possibility, which is what Athletic has requested to play the remainder of the match.

Until his arrest and subsequent suspension, Athletic won 0-1 to Granada thanks to a goal from Iñaki Williams.

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