Ayahualtempa: The family missing for a month in Guerrero is murdered

Cecilia Gaspar and José Teodoro Domingo, both 52 years old, and their sons Roberto and Gaudencio, 30 and 22, were found murdered this Monday by the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office on the highway that connects Chilapa de Álvarez and Tlapa, east of Chilpancingo. . Their bodies were inside garbage bags with signs of violence. They disappeared on January 19 in the Ayahualtempa community, the place where days later the area’s community police armed children to fight organized crime.

The State Prosecutor’s Office released a statement this Monday in which it reported the discovery of the four bodies of the family. “The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guerrero initiated an investigation file against whoever is responsible for the crime of qualified homicide, to the detriment of Roberto “N”, Gaudencio “N”, José “N” and Cecilia “N”. “, in the municipality of Chilapa de Álvarez,” the statement denounced.

The discovery occurred in the area known as Las Antenas, 46 kilometers from where the couple and their two children disappeared in mid-January, in the Ayahualtempa community. The residents accused the criminal group Los Ardillos, which operates east of the capital of Guerrero, Chilpancingo, for the family’s disappearance. Six days after losing track of the family, the community police and the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities and Founding Peoples (CRAC) armed 20 boys and girls between 12 and 17 years old to combat the criminal groups.

The reason for this controversial decision to give rifles to minors, according to the CRAC, was the inefficiency of the authorities, who found the family dead almost a month after their disappearance. So far, the culprits of the murder have not been found either. Guerrero is the State where the most impunity exists, since the probability of a crime being solved is 0.1%, according to the portal Zero impunity.

The region, which is one of the poorest in Mexico, has had a disastrous 2024 in terms of security. In the municipality of Taxco, classes are paralyzed, businesses are closed and transportation is stopped due to the murders of civilians that have caused clashes between La Familia Michoacana and Los Tlacos, two criminal groups that are fighting for control of this Magical Town. The governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, fired her Secretary of Security, Evelio Méndez, to try to silence criticism about the wave of violence that is plaguing her State, and that now adds to the number of victims a couple and their two children from a small rural community.

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