Baby from Brazil makes apocalyptic prediction during Salvador’s Carnival and receives response from Ivete Sangalo

Baby from Brazil and Ivete Sangalo
Baby do Brasil and Ivete Sangalo – Photo: Band

The singer Baby from Brazil, a national music icon, ended up generating countless comments across all digital and television media, this past weekend, when he made an apocalyptic prediction about the end of times during Salvador’s Carnival. Given the situation, the singer Ivete Sangalo who was in her trio and heard her famous friend’s speech, soon rebutted the subject and ‘mockingly’ stated that she felt the sovereign should sing ‘Macetando’.

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Live to Brazil via digital channels, Baby do Brasil stood in front of Ivete’s trio and said: “Everyone pay attention because we are entering an apocalypse. The rapture has everything to happen between 5 and 10 years“, declared the famous. Surprised and with bulging eyes, Sangalo tried to get around it: “I’m not going to let it happen, because there’s no such thing as an apocalypse when we cheat on it“, she said.

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Afterwards, Baby asked the Bahian to sing the classic ‘Eva’, but she preferred to perform the Carnival hit: “I’m going to sing Macetando because God is telling me to, it’s okay“, he emphasized.

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Watch the moment:

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Web reacts to Baby do Brasil’s prediction and Ivete Sangalo’s reaction

On social media, the moment went viral and many internet users reacted: “To begin with, evangelicals who are real evangelicals don’t skip Carnival“, declared one in the comments of the video released by Luiz Bacci. “How bold of a baby! Congratulations! You will be honored!“, wrote another. “VEVETA DIDN’T PREVENT HER OWN FAILURE AFTER DECADES OF CAREER, IMAGINE PREVENTING GOD FROM FULFILLING HIS WORD“, argued another.

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Finally, it is worth remembering that, in the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, there is a statement that not even the son of man knows the day and hour when the end of times will begin, but warns that everyone must be prepared.

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