Bárbara Evans struggles with her daughter and warns: ”Heart started to freeze”

Bárbara Evans and Ayla (Photo: Instagram)

The model, actress and former participant of A Fazenda, Barbara Evans32 years old, was once again in the news due to the birth of her children Alvaro It is Antonio. But, on the night of this Friday, December 8th, she decided to report on a situation that occurred with her eldest daughter, little Ayla.

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On her official Instagram Stories account, the daughter of Monique Evans revealed that the heiress gave him a real scare during a late afternoon walk. The model reveals that Ayla ate peanuts and apparently choked on the food. At first, Bárbara thought everything was fine with the child, but later she despaired.

Barbara commented: ”I’m going to tell you what happened more to alert other moms, okay? We had a scare this afternoon with Ayla. We were watching the sunset and then I didn’t let her eat peanuts. But, those peanuts that come without shells and split in half, you know?! Some people say that it doesn’t choke, that it can. I don’t give it, only her father does. […] Well then. The girl was eating shelled peanuts, which are half cut. She didn’t choke, run out of air, anything like that. But, she choked and then vomited. She was coughing a lot”he emphasized.

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Evans reports that he watched the girl for a while and noticed that she was tired. The model points out that she also started to feel sick: ”And then I noticed that her breathing became tired. So I let her play for a while and I watched and she started: ‘Mommy, boo, boo’. My heart started to freeze and she felt short of breath. I started to feel sick and, at the same time, I had to help her”said.

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Afterwards, the ex-peon reveals that a nurse who was at her house performed a maneuver on Ayla in an attempt to resolve the situation. However, without success. Bárbara explains that she had to take the little one to a doctor who is a family friend and the health professional found that the child did not have any complications due to choking.

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