Bárbara Evans updates admirers on the health status of Ayla, her daughter, after scare

Barbara Evans (Reproduction: Instagram)
Barbara Evans (Reproduction: Instagram)

On the night of this Saturday, December 9th, Barbara Evans, 32 years old, updated admirers regarding her daughter’s health status after such a scare. It all started last Friday (8), when the girl, Aylaaged one year and seven months, worried his parents and also the nurse who works at his home, as he had difficulty breathing.

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According to Bárbara, the child had choked after tasting a peanut and, as a result, was taken to the nearest hospital: “Normally I don’t let her do it at all, but her father does, it was also my fault because I saw it and let her”declared Monique Evans’ daughter.

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Bárbara Evans continued and reported what happened: “She didn’t run out of air, but she choked, and then she vomited and was coughing a lot (…) Her breathing became tired and coughing. I let her play for a while and watched. She said, ‘Mommy, it hurts,’ and she was short of breath. I started to feel sick”remembered.

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The celebrity reported that the child was terrified of going to the doctor, but still needed to be examined. She was released shortly afterwards, but Bárbara noticed that the future heiress still seemed to be hoarse, indicating that something might be stuck in her throat. Therefore, early in the morning, Gustavo Theodoro, businessman and Bárbara’s husband, took the firstborn for a new evaluation, and it was confirmed that everything was nothing more than a moment of tension, as Ayla is fine: “Thank God Gustavo is already leaving the hospital with Ayla and nothing showed on the X-ray, so everything is fine”she cheered, then showed her daughter eating a popsicle.

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