BBB24: Dado Dolabella comes to Wanessa’s defense and criticizes Davi’s stance: ‘Out of control’

Dado Dolabella defends Wanessa Camargo and criticizes Davi – Reproduction/Instagram/Globo Play/TV Globo

Dolabella Data used his Stories on Instagram this Tuesday (06) to criticize Davi’s behavior during “BBB24”. The actor expressed his opinion about Wanessa Camargo’s opponent, making accusations against the participant.

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Through a long text, Dado listed the times the app driver had “controversial” behavior during the reality show. “Imagine if it were you. Just put yourself in her shoes.” started the sister’s boyfriend.

He also mentioned the incident in which Davi put meat in the beans even though he knew that Wanessa is vegan. “On the first day, despite being warned not to do it by Lady Ellen, Davi put meat in the beans that Wanessa separated to make (being vegan and being the only protein she eats there)”he warned.

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Dado Dolabella criticizes Davi – Reproduction/Instagram

Dado Dolabella defends Wanessa Camargo and criticizes Davi

Afterwards, Dado Dolabella criticized his brother’s behavior and his relationship with the women in the house. “It practices maintaining disruption all the time, cutting only women who want to impose their speech, it does not respect the collective. Manipulative (he made this clear by manipulating votes with Isabelle, Raquel and Michel) always against Wanessa, thus leaving his ally on the wall and his ‘parties’ in the lurch because he switched to Michel out of nowhere.”he stated.

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Dolabella also pointed out that the driver was lying in relation to the reality show groups. “He lied when he said that he hadn’t said that between Camarote and Pipoca, Pipoca had to win, even saying her name… when Wanessa went to ask him, he said no, that he didn’t say that, that he didn’t remember”shot.

To top it off, Wanessa Camargo’s boyfriend reflected, asking Davi to put himself in the shoes of his sister and other participants. “Now, imagine YOU living with all of this. But, pepper for other people is refreshment, right?”he completed.

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